Download : ASPPPPP-1_3_99999999999.dmg (4,8 MB) (Mac OS 10.11+)


Version 1.3.99999999999

  • The fix for Spaces dit not work so well. We tried to make it better.

Version 1.3.9999999999

  • There that guy, French, from Grenoble, who wanted ASPPPPP to work with Spaces. Like, he thinks his crappy synchrotron is going to help do that? Well, that was offensive anyway, so I asked the engineers to look at it, and they said they finally succeeded. I hope that's true, otherwise this update is useless.

Version 1.3.999999999

  • Can you believe that Catalina PREVENTS ASPPPPPP from running without some new "Screen recordings" permissions ? What the hell, I did not ask persmission to bend tachyons in the ASPPPPP engine, so do I really care of "Screen recording" ? Seriously ?

Version 1.3.99999999

  • Apparently, Texture swizzling is not compatable with MTLTextureUsageShaderWrite. This is the error message. Under macOS 10.15 Catalina. You don't understand it ? Me neither, but whatever, the developer fixed it.

Version 1.3.9999999

  • We took some time doing stuff, and some other stuff;
  • I heard about Apple Metal, I thought it would be funny to tell the engineers to use it. They told me that they would have to trash everything and restart from scratch, even if that was better. I also found that funny. I laughed, they laughed, and I fired the ones that were not laughing - NOT CORPORATE ! Good test.
  • it seems that portals are now more beautiful when they close - not sure it is useful, but it's written here on my list of stuff ; really, I paid them for that ?
  • A guy of my teams - can't remember who - whatever. I like this guy. He once came to my office to tell me that software should now be "notarized", or something like that. I answered that our lawyers would do that, no big deal. But he tried to explain me that it was something like - you know, you pay Apple so that people can run your software. Sounded like a good joke, but not so good. I remember now, I used to like this guy, but not any more. Apparently it was not even a joke. Meanwhile I fired him, so that his salary would pay Apple instead of bring me bad news.

Version 1.2.1

  • We do not have to fix ASPPPPP for Yosemite. We fixed Yosemite for ASPPPPP.

Version 1.2.0

  • Added a power saving mode, lowering portal features, but making them compatible with a 1.1 V power supply.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added a P.L.A.F. (Phonon Layer Absorption Field) that is able to filter portal sounds, muting ASPPPPP ;
  • Fixed some transporter accidents that could occur for some multiple screen arrangements.

Version 1.0.0

  • First public release ;
  • Fixed most exploding use cases.

Version 0.1.0

  • Proof of concept.

Older versions (MacOS 10.11+)

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Older versions (MacOS 10.7+)

ASPPPPP 1.2.1, ASPPPPP 1.2.0, ASPPPPP 1.1.0, ASPPPPP 1.0.0


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