Portals for your cursor

Aperture Science has invented portals. And portals can be everywhere, for your comfort. Did you realize that even your cursor could benefit from itĀ ? The opposite corner of the screen has never been closer.


Aperture Science takes care

Who can claim he has never cursed the computer for the time being lost crossing the screen with the mouse cursorĀ ? But more than lost time, your wrist is also suffering. The carpal tunnel syndrom is a good reminder of what ASPPPPP can do for you.

normal user

On a single screen, ASPPPPP can save you many useless moves. Multiply that by the number of screens at your disposal, and you will get an impressive distance of untraveled miles. To help you measure how ASPPPPP is useful, we have implemented a counter of the saved distance. And since Aperture Science loves the details, we made it 128 bits wide. You never had a better measure of your cursor moves.


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