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Should LaTeXiT be categorized, it would be an equation editor. This is not the plain truth, since LaTeXiT is "simply" a graphical interface above a LaTeX engine. However, its large set of features is a reason to see it as an editor; this is the goal in fact.

How to use it

You are maybe familiar with the LaTeX language. Then you are given a great power to compose equations, from the simplest to the most complex ones, with a perfect result. But to be honest, you don't really want to go though all of the following steps just to illustrate a document :

  • create a tex file with its preamble ;
  • compile this file ;
  • crop the result ;
  • insert that part in your document ;
  • delete or backup the files you have just used ;
  • restart from the beginning if you want to modify a little thing in the equation.

Balking is forgiven. This is to get rid of that burden that LaTeXiT was created.
With LaTeXiT, you only focus on your equation. The result is automatically cropped and you can drag and drop it in any application, in the desired format (certainly PDF).

Moreover, for the compatible formats, you can reopen the equation to modify it : the LaTeX code is kept inside.
Many other features are provided, you can see most of them in the dedicated section.

drag'n drop


Even if LaTeXiT simplifies the whole process of "latexizing" you do not lose control over the advanced uses of the LaTeX engine. You can still select the LaTeX engine, include packages, change the preamble, use scripts… The graphical interface makes it possible to hide that to the beginner, but a fine grained customization is never far away.

The interface is designed for equations, not for multi-pages documents. For such a usage, other applications may be more relevant.


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