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Chalk's full documentation can be consulted here


An article about how and why Chalk was built can be consulted here

“All desktop calculators are wrong, so I had to build my own“


Chalk is a calculator. Just a calculator. Thus, you are disappointed. But before being really disappointed, please read a little more.

You probably don't like usual Calculator softwares. I cannot blame you for that, because I agree. Usually, Calculators are awful tools, and you work faster by using a real desktop calculator. And that is why I have created Chalk.

I have built it by trying to answer the question "What are all those calculators doing wrong ?" And surprisingly, I have found a lot of answers.

Do not misunderstand : I do not say that advanced softwares like Octave, Matlab, Maple, are bad as well, but Chalk does not compete with them. Chalk just wants to replace the terrible MacOS standard

To summarize, Chalk wants to be a light tool, but since our computers are also ridiculously powerful, even a light tool could perform advanced computations for scientists. OS providers seem to have forgotten that a "computer" should be used to COMPUTE.

Some examples

You should really check the features page, but here are two screenshots to show that Chalk can look like a simple tool, but in fact hides great abilities under the hood.


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