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The cost is up to you

One thing is certain : Chalk is free. Totally.
However, I have rapidly received e-mails of people asking me if they could donate to support the project. So, I have set a Paypal donation system, that indeed motivated me to improve Chalk continuously.

If you like Chalk, you can make a donation through the above button.

Thanks to every generous donor !

New : some people, who want to make a donation, but do not use Paypal, told me to do an Amazon wishlist. So, here it is :

If you want to please me, you can also buy the book I wrote : Objective-C pour le développeur avancé, at Eyrolles. It is available on many web sites, even in ePub format. Obviously, if you are reading the current page in english, there are few chances that you are really interested. But you may also require a translation from my publisher, I would love that.

Why donations ?

I can't omit that I develop Chalk partly for my own pleasure. So, I won't tell you how long it takes. But it does not cost me free time only.

  • maintaining this website online is not free and means a few dozen euros every year ;
  • my good'old MacBookPro is gone in 2011 (motherboard dead, certainly because of deficient NVidia card…). I can't afford a new computer by now, and my futur developments are suspended. The 2.4.0-2.5.1 updates of Chalk were made on a borrowed Mac ! If you decide to give something, you will actively participate to Chalk's future and bug fixes…Thanks to the dedication of a friend, and to Apple support, my MacBookPro finally returned from the ashes of death. It needs some hardware upgrades, but I can code again ;
  • I have subscribed a loan for the next 20 years, fortunately not for a computer.

Donors of every country

Because it's funny, I will regularly update that world map with the towns from where the donations are coming. Maybe you will see yours ?


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